Xlamp® Xm-l3 Leds

Cree’s single-die LED point source provides precise optical control in torch, outdoor, and vehicle lighting

Xlamp® Xm-l3 Leds

Cree’s XLamp XM-L3 LED delivers a massive 55% upgrade in maximum light output over the XM-L2 LED, providing a single-die LED point source for precise optical control. The XM-L3 LED shares the same mechanical and optical footprint as the original XM-L® and XM-L2 LEDs, providing a seamless upgrade path and shortened design cycle.

XLamp XM-L3 LEDs are the ideal choice for lighting applications requiring maximum light output from an easily controlled source, including torch, aftermarket automotive, and outdoor spotlight applications.


  • ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins
  • Binned at +85°C
  • 5000 mA maximum drive current
  • 2.2°C/W low thermal resistance
  • 125° wide viewing angle
  • ≤30°C/85% RH of unlimited floor life
  • Reflow solderable: JEDEC J STD 020C
  • Electrically neutral thermal path
  • RoHS compliant


  • Torch/portable lighting
  • Aftermarket automotive
  • Outdoor spotlight
  • Exterior area

Source: Xlamp® Xm-l3 Leds

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