USBminiPower: Pocket USB power supply for the hobbyist

The adjustable power supply is an absolutely vital piece of equipment for any electronics engineer or hobbyist. However in the vast majority of cases the needs presented towards a lab power supply are quite relaxed and usually within the low voltage range. With the modern component base the current consumption is usually also very low, and in a number of cases a large and fancy (and of course expensive) lab power supply could just be an overkill purchase for many users.

USBminiPower: Pocket USB power supply for the hobbyist

The goal of this project is to create a small and unpretentious USB-powered DC power supply which is cheap, easy to use, and able to cover the needs of an average electronics designer. USBminiPower takes no space on the desk and can help in many cases to run small and low-power electronics.

Have one, have two, have as many as you need.

If successful, the funding from this campaign will go towards a few major tasks:

1. Manufacturing and delivery of all rewards to the supporters of the project.

2. Design of new revisions for better power efficiency, wider range output, and other functionality.

3. Continuous improvements in the firmware provided the fact that a few different models of microcontrollers can be installed on the board.

4. Creation of PC software for the USB-controlled variant of the board.

5. Attempt to raise interest and ensure proper worldwide distribution through some already established and well known website for DIY electronics.

6. If the campaign results exceed the target by enough margin that will allow extra funding for the design and moulding of a minimalistic two-piece enclosure in the future revisions.

The project will go live only if successful, so please give your support and share the information in your circle!

Risks and challenges

USBminiPower faces the typical challenges presented before any similar electronic project with availability of parts, cost of manufacturing, and distribution being the major contributing factors. I am trying hard to negotiate the best possible manufacturing package so the boards can reach the end user and be cheap as possible. Considering a separate option to have them offered as a DIY kit as well.

Source: USBminiPower: Pocket USB power supply for the hobbyist

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