Torex & Ngk Partner on Power Module Reference Design for Iot Devices

Torex Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and NGK Corporation will exhibit a compact power module sample that can be processed through high-temperature surface mount with using Torex power management ICs and NGK EnerCera series batteries at CES 2020 (January 7th to 10th, 2020 at Las Vegas in the USA). [via]

Torex & Ngk Partner on Power Module Reference Design for Iot Devices

By combining the characteristics of NGK EnerCera batteries which include high capacity with low resistance and surface mounting, with high-temperature reflow process and the characteristics of Torex power management IC’s which are ultra-low power consumption and ultra-small and thin packages, the companies realized a very small space for the battery and charging control circuit including the power management ICs.

The resulting reference design is optimal for IoT devices and smart cards. The companies will exhibit this module sample in the Torex and NGK booths at CES 2020.

About EnerCera Li-Ion Batteries

EnerCera is a Li-ion secondary battery with NGK’s original Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate as electrodes. The Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate is composed of just an active material and it contains no organic binder or conductive material that exists in a Li-ion battery normally but does not contribute to battery capacity.

As a result, EnerCera realizes high energy density and low internal resistance with a small and thin body and is capable of high-temperature installation. The energy density is double and the internal resistance is less than a half compared to commercial secondary batteries of the same size.

Therefore, EnerCera is an ultra-small/ultra-thin onboard-type high-performance battery for operating ICs, sensors and a wireless communication system that needs large current such as several 10mA to several 100 mA.

In addition, CV (Constant Voltage)-charging capability eliminates the need for a charger IC to control the charge current.

Source: Torex & Ngk Partner on Power Module Reference Design for Iot Devices

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