Tesmo Kickstand: Truly Invisible Laptop Stand That Weighs Nothing and Takes Up Zero Space

Tesmo, a company dedicated to innovation and excellence, announces the launch of its laptop stand; The Tesmo Kickstand in September.

The Kickstand is an ultra-slim, portable and ergonomic laptop stand which can be used with any laptop type can be gently attached to your laptop to instantly transform it into an ergonomic and comfortable workstation wherever you are.  Speaking about the ideologies behind it, Mark Lin, Head of Product Design at Tesmo said;

“We all appreciate the freedom of working on a laptop; it’s easy to stay productive whether you’re at your desk. But when it comes to ergonomics, a laptop isn’t the greatest choice since you can’t adjust the height of the keyboard and screen separately. Most of the laptop stands on the market are heavy and bulky, Tesmo is constructed with a clever structural which instantly enhances the comfort of typing. With a lightweight and portable design, it can be used anywhere, anytime.”

The Tesmo Kickstand perfectly demonstrates the design philosophy of slim, compact and efficient with two tiny adhesive pads stay invisible when laid flat to blend in with your laptop. The compact nature of the pads design enables air to flow properly through the air vent of your laptop and its integrable design nature allows you to attach the pads to any corner of the laptop thereby fitting almost all laptop models.

Convenient to carry and adjustable on different surfaces. While the Tesmo Kickstand has a thickness of only 4.5mm and weighs just 17g/0.6 ounces, the unique triangular load-bearing structure of the kickstand allows it to hold up to 17.6lbs in weight. This means the kickstand could also support your slightly heavy laptops.

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