Smart Lighting Module From Silvertel Combines Poe With Led Driver

Silvertel created a smart lighting module that is aimed at developers of LED Lighting equipment such as Luminaires, Lighting Fixtures, Architectural Lighting, Smart Office, Store Lighting, and Agricultural Lighting.

Smart Lighting Module From Silvertel Combines Poe With Led Driver

The Ag210 provides a configurable constant current output for LED string voltages up to 40V, together with an auxiliary 12W output which can be configured to provide an external 5V to 12V rail.

This Dual-in-Line (DIL) module is configured as a fixed Type 3, Class 6 PoE Powered Device (PD), complying with the latest IEEE standard 802.3bt.  It provides all of the signature and identification circuitry needed to support PoE.

There are two on-board high-efficiency DC-DC converters delivering regulated outputs with built-in short circuit and over voltage protection. One provides the configurable constant current output with a range of 300mA to 1000mA powering an LED string up to 40V.  The other provides a 12W output which can be configured to provide a 5V to 12V rail, useful in powering peripheral circuitry such as microcontrollers, Bluetooth, or WiFi interfaces.

Ag210 also incorporates an I2C user interface to allow access to features commonly used in smart lighting applications such as dimming control, brightness on start-up, and 15 user-defined dimming levels for scene setting, etc.  There is a second address for “broadcast” commands to multiple drivers and to facilitate read-back of PoE classification.

In addition to PWM dimming via the I2C interface, Ag210 also offers analog dimming (0 – 10V) using a potentiometer or a standard shunt dimmer.

According to the company, the Ag210’s ease of integration and its simplicity to program makes this module an ideal choice for designers and system integrators looking to get the most out of their LED lighting solution.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, and fully RoHS and WEEE compliant, the Ag210 further extends Silvertel’s range of Power over Ethernet products for both the Powered Device (PD) and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE).

Product is available now from all Silvertel distributors and an Evaluation board, EvalAg210, can also be bought to help design engineers make a thorough assessment of the device.

Source: Smart Lighting Module From Silvertel Combines Poe With Led Driver

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