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Smart Arduino Coffee Table

We are in the joy of making a project that has been in our mind for a long time and sharing with you. Smart Coffee Table. Because this table is really smart. It illuminates your environment according to the weight of your drink.

How Does? We have used a weight sensor on the smart coffee table. Thanks to this sensor, we can adjust the desired color to the desired weight to the RGB strip led that we have connected to the Arduino outputs.

Smart Arduino Coffee Table

If the cup is empty, the red color is lit.

Between 0-50 gr, the yellow color is lit.

Between 50-100 gr, the green color is lit.

Between 100-150 gr, the blue color is lit.

150 and higher, close to white color.

And we used epoxy again in this project. Thus, the lights from RGB are better spread to the environment.

Step 2: Equipment & Materials

If you decided to make this project or you are wondering, have to have some materials and equipments.

We used 4 groups in this project ;

– Elektronics

– 3D Printed Parts,

– Epoxy Resin

– Others

Step 3: Electronics

Electronics Smart Arduino Coffee Table

You will find below list:

– Arduino Nano

– HX711 Weight Sensor

– RGB Led Strip

– BD135 ( * 3)

– 10K (* 3)

– On – Off Switch

Step 4: 3D Printed Parts

3D Printed Parts Smart Arduino Coffee Table

You will find list below;

– Main Body

– Cup Holder

– Battery Case

– Shoes (* 8)

– Cup Holder Support

Step 5: Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Smart Arduino Coffee Table

We used epoxy resin in this project for good spreading.

Step 6: Others

Others Arduino Coffee Table

we used some materials too.

– Wooden (* 4)

– A glass

– Glue

RGB LED AssembleArduino Coffee Table

Step 7: RGB LED Assemble

RGB LED Assemble Smart Arduino Coffee Table

A RGB led have 4 inpusts. Red , Green , Blue and +12 V.

We added wires to this inputs. And than put it to 3d printed main body like that pictures.

Step 8: Making Epoxy & Pouring

Making Epoxy & Pouring Smart Arduino Coffee Table

Epoxy resin is known for its strong adhesive qualities, making it a versatile product in many industries. It offers resistance to heat and chemical applications, making it an ideal product for anyone needing a strong hold under pressure. Epoxy resin is also a durable product which can be used with various materials, including: wood, fabric, glass, china or metal.

if you use X gr hardener, use 4X gr resin. this rate recommended.

mix them for 6-8 min. and will transparent.

If you have epoxy now, we will pour it to main body. As you can see in pictures, we are pouring slowly because it will be bubbles.

Please when you pour , wait 24-36 hours for drying. And than you have to broke some parts. And finaly you will see like pics a transparent view. and also you can sand …

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