Small Edge Ai Board Monitors Assets

Industrial automation company Flicq has introduced its 2nd generation Edge AI smart sensor board, for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the launch of SmartEdge.

Small Edge Ai Board Monitors Assets

Claiming to be the world’s smallest Edge AI smart sensor board, SmartEdge delivers plug-and-play asset monitoring capability that companies can deploy anywhere. Industries are moving increasingly toward remote monitoring of equipment and they care about the flexibility of deploying systems where they want to as much as they do want visibility about the condition of their assets, with low latency and actionable insights.

With performance typically only available from cloud-based systems, the 2nd Gen Flicq SmartEdge delivers three-year battery-life, deep analytics and wireless connectivity. Industries continue to depend on real time insights to improve their operating efficiency and Flicq is pushing the edge computing performance envelope to achieve lower latency and deliver the best analytics capabilities in an extremely small form-factor.

Source: Small Edge Ai Board Monitors Assets

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