Siglent Sdl1000x/x-e Series Programmable Dc Loads Offer Advanced Performance Options

The new Siglent  SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads, which can be set to simulate a wide range of load characteristics.  Four models offer two different resolutions and two power capacity choices with an input range of 150V/30A.  The SDL1020X/SDL1020X-E versions are 200W models, while the SDL1030X/SDL1030X-E versions have a 300W capability. The ‘X’ versions have a measurement resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA, and the ‘X-E’ versions offer a resolution of 1mV/1mA .  Both series have adjustable current rise times from 1mA/us to 2.5A/us. 

The SDL1000X/X-E Programmable DC Electronic Loads offer advanced performance specifications and user-friendly control featuring a 3.5” TFT-LCD display, capable of displaying multiple parameters and states simultaneously.  All models support four types of static/dynamic modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power. Remarkable for their high-speed response performance, these electronic loads offer a dynamic test mode, periodically switching between two preset levels at up to 25kHz.

Built-in additional features in the SDL1000X/X-E series help with numerous testing situations. For example, these loads have a CR-LED mode designed specifically for LED driver experiments. This can emulate an LED’s actual electrical characteristics.  Also, a 4-wire sense compensation mode has been included in the design, which can effectively remove any errors due to the voltage drop in the connection wires. In addition, an operator can use the Program function (with up to 50 groups) and a List function (with up to 100 steps) to simplify even complex experiments.  This can be especially useful when designing battery charging circuits.

Siglent Sdl1000x-x-e Series Programmable Dc Loads Offer Advanced Performance Options

These loads can be externally controlled by analog input or via the USB/LAN interfaces with the provided PC software. Comprehensive protection modes include adjustable over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-power protection, over-temperature protection, and reverse voltage protection. When any of these occur, the loads will immediately turn input circuitry off and stop current sinking in order to keep equipment safe from damage.

The SDL1000X series delivers a stable load testing device for a wide range of testing requirements, including: power experiments, battery and handheld device design, LED lighting, automotive electronics, and aerospace and industrial applications.  These electronic loads are made by Siglent Technologies, a leading high quality test equipment manufacturer, with a growing worldwide reputation.  The SDL1000X/X-E Programmable DC Electronic Loads are available now from Saelig, their USA technical distributor.

Source: Siglent Sdl1000x/x-e Series Programmable Dc Loads Offer Advanced Performance Options

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