Saelig Introduces Abeeway Multiple Technology Location Tracking Sensors

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of Abeeway Asset Trackers, which uniquely use multiple location technologies (GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi, and BLE) to allow accuracy, speed, and indoor/outdoor use. Proprietary Abeeway technology sends GPS calculations to the cloud, making location tracking faster and extremely energy-efficient. To optimize battery life, Abeeway devices use the most cost-effective connectivity and integrated sensors to enable smart multi-mode behavior, adaptable to individualized situations:

Motion Tracking: real-time position when motion is detectedPermanent tracking: regular interval real-time positioningStart/End: positioning at motion start and end eventsFix on demand: get position only when neededActivity tracking: monitor activity rate with embedded sensors

Saelig Introduces Abeeway Multiple Technology Location Tracking Sensors

Two Abeeway tracker types are currently available: the Micro Tracker and the Industrial Tracker.  The Micro Tracker is a very low power location tracker which combines GPS, WiFi, LoRa, and BLE technologies to offer outdoor positioning (GPS) with 10m accuracy as well as indoor positioning (WiFi sniffing and triangulation) with 30m accuracy and automatic wireless detection. The Micro Tracker incorporates proprietary low power GPS technology (multi-patented Abeeway AGPS) to offer extended use in a tiny small device, with up to 3 year battery life before recharging. Recheargable via microUSB for intense daily use, this product is used worldwide by telecom companies, insurance companies, medical equipment users, food suppliers, as well as for personnel and small equipment tracking. The Micro Tracker can locate its position in 10sec versus 1min for conventional GPS.  It offers excellent sensitivity even in bad conditions, and up to 10 times the powered life of ordinary GPS products.

The Industrial Tracker is a low power industrial tracker with the same performance as the Micro Tracker, but with an active “fit-and-forget” battery life of up to 10 years.  The use of three location technologies (GPS, assisted GPS, and Wi-Fi) guarantees seamless outdoor/indoor geolocation.  This makes it useful for transport, vehicles, trucks, public works, construction, logistics, supply chain management, security, and general equipment asset management.  The GPS mode is accurate up to 5 meters, with a location time of 15sec for a hot start and 1min for a cold start. The assisted GPS mode is accurate up to 10m with a location time of 10sec. The Wi-Fi mode is accurate up to 30m with a location time of 5sec. Additional parameters that can be logged include: temperature and pressure monitoring, and movement via the integrated 3-axis accelerometer.

Abeeway also offers an optional web/mobile application and a SaaS to follow their trackers, change settings, request a position, or create geo-fencing, sending an SMS message or email when a tracker enters a defined zone.  Two geolocation modes are available: “on-demand” when GPS is used, and “regular” with periodic location at regular, configurable intervals.

Applications for Abeeway trackers include: locate machinery, tools or construction material; detect equipment fleet location and monitor equipment utilization;  detect asset theft; optimize transportation supply; track vehicles, pallets, containers, dumpsters, and railcars; locate warehouse parts; find vehicles in parking lots;  personnel safety and security (geofencing ‘no-go zones’) with real-time location indoors/outdoors and SOS button problem alert; livestock management and farm equipment monitoring, etc.

Leveraging high battery life capabilities and low total cost of ownership, the Abeeway trackers provide a cost-efficient solution for tracking assets using LoRaWAN connectivity and embedded geolocation intelligence. This is a simple, fast and ready-to-go tracking solution, creating an instant ‘track and trace’ answer for most location challenges.

Source: Saelig Introduces Abeeway Multiple Technology Location Tracking Sensors

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