Review: Owon Xds3064e 4-channel Oscilloscope With Touch Screen

The new OWON XDS3064 4-in-1 digital storage oscilloscope is a reliably measurement tool for a really good price. The colorful 8″ (20.3 cm) TFT  LCD panel with the resolution of 800 × 600 allows an excellent readability of the wave, especially in regards to high data volume or many waves covered reciprocally.


The special features of the XDS3000 series are a multitouch surface (from the XDS3102A) and a high vertical resolution up to 14 bits. The -plus variants are equipped with a 3¾ digit multimeter and a 25 – 50 MHz waveform generator. The XDS series offers a bandwidth of 60 – 300 MHz, a sample rate of 1 – 2 GSa/s in dual channel and a memory depth of 40 MSa per channel.


  • 60MHz – 200MHz Bandwidth,1GS/s sample rate
  • 8-bit high resolution ADC
  • 40M record length max 70,000 wfms/s waveform refresh rate
  • low back ground noise
  • 8 inch 800 x 600 high resolution LCD, optional multi-touch screen, more user-friendly operation experience
  • SCPI, and LabVIEW supported
  • multi- trigger, and bus decoding function
  • multi-interface integration – USB host, USB device, USB port for PictBridge, LAN, AUX, and VGA

The XDS series oscilloscopes from the Chinese brand OWON has a number of features that you do not (yet) find on comparable models from other brands, and all that for a very sharp pricing. In this review I take a closer look at the affordable, 4-channel XDS3064E, which has a whole lot to offer for less than 400 euros / pounds. Review by Harry Baggen @

While unpacking this oscilloscope, its large display immediately catches the eye, namely an 8-inch LCD with a resolution of 800×600 pixels (the competition usually has a 7-inch display) plus touch screen functionality. I have not seen this before in this price category. After switching the instrument on, this first impression is not diminished: Wow, what a beautiful screen with a wide viewing angle!

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