Qd7-0-sd/qd50-0-sd Position Sensing Detector

OSI Optoelectronics’ position sensing detectors are ideal for light beam nulling and position applications

Qd7-0-sd_qd50-0-sd Position Sensing Detector

OSI Optoelectronics’ QD7-0-SD and QD50-0-SD are quadrant photodiode arrays with associated circuitry to provide two difference signals and a sum signal. The two difference signals are voltage analogs of the relative intensity difference of the light sensed by opposing pairs of the photodiode quadrant elements.

In addition, the amplified sum of all four quadrant elements is provided as the sum signal. This makes the QD7-0-SD or QD50-0-SD ideal for both light beam nulling and position applications. With these detectors, very precise light beam alignments are possible and the circuit can also be used for target acquisition and alignment.

  • Precise light beam alignments
  • Beam nulling
  • Two difference signals
  • Sum signal
  • Position measuring
  • Beam centering
  • Targeting acquisition
  • Guidance systems

Source: Qd7-0-sd/qd50-0-sd Position Sensing Detector

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