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Step 13 How to Make a Rechargeable Mini Lightning Cloud

How to Make a Rechargeable Mini Lightning Cloud

Do you want to build a rechargeable mini lightning could? Follow this tutorial, you’ll be taught how to make one! Step 1: Material List Blazing WS2812 LEDstrip Pegboard DFP layer Mini player module Hot glue gun & glue stick Trumpet Cotton High frequency relay Leads Pyroelectric infrared sensor for human body Masking tape 5V Voltage […]

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Step 9 DIY Fitness Tracker(GET-FIT)

DIY Fitness Tracker(GET-FIT)

Introducing GetFit, your ultimate health and workout partner. GetFit is an easy-to-use, teachable fitness tracker with the capability of detecting an endless variety of exercises. Powered by Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and Edge Impulse, it is a completely open-source project. Features Can Count unlimited exercises Fully open-source Teachable Rechargeable Calorie Burn Estimation on a

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Step 5 Cyber Tail

Cyber Tail

About 25 million years ago, our ancestors lost their tails during the evolution to better adapt to the the environment. Today, as we live in the digital age, our bodies are evolving along with the cyber world. What would a cybernetic tail bring to our daily life? With the easily accessible technologies, such as Arduino

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Step 1 3D Printed Timelapse_3D Scanning Turntable

3D Printed Timelapse/3D Scanning Turntable

An affordable Arduino Turntable designed for Time lapse photography. Changing the gearing and code it can also be used for Photogrammetry/3D scanning or Video. The turntable operates on the move shoot move principle in the Timelapse and Photogrammetry modes where the camera is triggered via the sync cable. The electronics can be adjusted based on

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HydroBuddy is a hydration-promoting device, designed for people who spend most of their day in one place (such as behind a desktop) and tend to forget about hydrating themselves. Once set up, it passively tracks how much water you drink, gently reminding you to drink up when it notices you’re hydrating yourself too little for the

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