Programmed gas leakage regulator gadget

This model will help you for when of gas spillage. It just will not make you mindful of the signal however it will likewise save your home and different homes or industrial facilities from a horrendous fire.


         Imagine for a second that you have to go out for three to four days.  Before leaving the house, you packed all your belongings and closed all the doors and windows of the house, and inadvertently turned off the gas button from you or you forgot to turn it off. Now you are on a journey, at such times you are engrossed in your happiness, but there is a huge gas leak in the house. 

Even a small fire in such a situation can cause a huge explosion in the house. So how to handle such a situation? How to save your home?

If there is a big explosion, nearby houses may also have a problem, so how to alert them?  If this problem occurs in the industry then how to save machinery?

         And the answer to many such questions lies with this small device.


       When you have a gas detection system, you can monitor the amount of gases in your environment. Because of this, you can tell when there is a higher chance of poisoning, explosion, fire or asphyxiation

      Gas detectors sense gases that humans cannot smell or see, and are an integral line of defense for any business. In the event of a gas or chemical leak, detectors also allow you to contact any relevant emergency response teams in a timely fashion.


       Its working is very simple. If there is a gas leak, then the gas sensor will d-tech it and the gas sensor will give a digital signal to the LED display. As soon as the LED display shows a warning, the buzzer vibrates loudly. The ultrasonic distance sensor connected to the second Arduino will be activated. When the buzzer vibrates, his voice will wake up the neighbors and they will run towards the house. In such a situation is also the risk of their lives. In such conditions, they even come in front of the house or the range of ultrasonic distance sensors and stop for a moment.

The DC motor connected to the ultrasonic distance sensor will be activated and the windows in the house will be open. The DC motor will be joint to the windows in the house. The windows will open as soon as the DC motor starts and gas flows out through the window. This way the gas leak in the house will stop. The risk of fire from the house will be avoided. 

Steps of working:- 


          Give the connections as per the circuit diagram and enter the code in 2 Arduino using Arduino ide software.

Source: Programmed gas leakage regulator gadget

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