Multi-pole industrial relays provide more possibilities

As we know, a relay is a very versatile component, able to realize also various “sequential” circuits, when for example by switching one relay we´ll switch on a target device and at the same time we´ll enable (or disable) switching of another relay. In these case, it´s an often demand for a relay to have a sufficient number of poles. Majority of such “logic” circuits can be realized even with a common 1-2 pole relays, but it´s not always economical and it also brings another costs for solution of supplying and protection of logic circuits.

Industrial relays Finder series „55“ and „60“ are suitable for a construction of such more complex circuits or for switching of three phase devices.

Finder 55 – miniature industrial relay for a PCB or for socket, 2-4 poles, 7-10A (switching current up to 20A), 250/400VAC,

Finder 60 – a more robust industrial relay for a socket, 2-3 poles, 10A (switching current up to 20A), 250/400VAC,

Multi-pole industrial relays provide more possibilities

In the series 55 can be found types which can be soldered directly into a PCB (without a socket) or to insert into some of many available sockets (for PCB, with soldering pins or on a DIN rail). Types from series 60 need to be inserted into a socket (for PCB, with soldering pins or on a DIN rail). Naturally, for eventual repair/maintanance, it´s much better to use a socket. Sockets can be equipped with metal or a plastic clip. Also exists a socket 94.94.3 with a safety separation of an input and output part. Similarly like at majority of Finder types, sockets can be equipped with optional protection and indication modules.

Common feature of many relays from series „55“ and „60“ is, that they have an integrated test button control with dual functionality:

● pressing a button will switch on contacts thus we´re able to test functionality of a relay
● by rotating the test button it´s possible to switch on relay permanently

Returning the test button into its initial position, the relay will remain its previous function – based only on a current through a coil. Relays are available for DC (6-220V) and also AC (6-240V) voltage in a wide range of values. Also available is the version with gold-plated contacts suitable for switching of very small currents. Another function indication of a relay status can be useful in many cases – in a small window next to a test button it´s possible to see a small orange ribbon if the relay is switched on.

In our stock can be found 3-4 pole types with 230VAC, 24VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC coils. A very interesting alternative is a possibility of a serial connection of contacts at such multipole relays, what we´ll enable us to switch substantially higher DC voltage.
Also available are many other versions and rich scale of accessories, what will be better clarified to you in Finder 55 and Finder 60 datasheets.
An inspiration for a various usage of relays can be found in documents Finder electrician´s guide (19MB) and Finder applications.

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