Mudita Pure Phone, Helps You Meditate and Avoid Distractions

Smartphones are pivotal to our day to day activities. They help us in many ways, but too often they become a time-consuming burden we carry with us all the time. Due to this, Mudita addressed this problem, through designing Mudita Pure phone. The Mudita Pure phone has a minimalist design for simple living. The company says:

Mudita Pure Phone, Helps You Meditate and Avoid Distractions

Designing Mudita Pure was a challenge. The more simple and clean we made the design, the more difficult it was to manufacture. It took us around 18 months to find the final look and included the creation of more than 40 different proposals. Yeah, yeah, maybe we overdid it. What can we say, we are perfectionists.

The inspiration for the phone was taken from Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions combining ZEN aesthetics with nature itself.

Mudita Pure Phone, Helps You Meditate and Avoid Distractions
Mudita’s various features

It offers a 2.84’’ e-ink display (600 x 480, PPI of 270, supporting 16-grayscale ), helping it avoid blue light emissions, and it has a simple design that is meant to make it resemble a stone. There’s no Internet, but the phones’ module supports all currently used generations: 2G, 3G and LTE standards at the same time. One key feature of the phone is the meditation timer, which helps you “focus on the present moment” says the company. The Meditation Timer comes with customizable session lengths and statistics. This is a simple, but very useful feature for all meditation and yoga enthusiasts. The meditation process starts and ends with a pleasant deep, soft gong. The phone has three modes of operation, which include: No Distractions (to switch off all the notifications), Whitelist (allowing only your favorite contacts to reach you) and Message Only (to stay connected but with limited distractions).

The Mudita Pure phone has its own OS called MuditaOS.

We developed our own dedicated operating system (MuditaOS) and chose the open-source, real-time operating system kernel FreeRTOS®️ as our starting point. Optimized for the hardware, it makes Pure fast and power-efficient, with a boot time of just 5 seconds.

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