Mobile Phone Controlled Robot Car using G-Sensor and Arduino

In this article, we are going to Control the Robot Car through the G sensor of our mobile phone and you will be able to move the Robot just by tilting the Phone. We will also use Arduino and RemoteXY app for this G-Sensor Controlled Robot. RemoteXY app is used to create the interface in the Smart Phone for controlling the Robot. We will add the joystick in the interface so that Robot can also be controlled by Joystick as well as by tilting the phone.Mobile Phone Controlled Robot CarG-Sensor or Gravity sensor is basically Accelerometer in Smart phone which is used to control the screen orientation of the phone. Accelerometer senses the X,Y, Z directions of the Gravitational force and rotate the Screen according to alignment of the Phone. Now days, more sensitive and accurate Gyroscope sensor is used in mobiles for deciding the orientation of the Screen. In our Project, Robot car will move, according to the direction in which phone is being tilted, like when we tilt the phone forward, then car will move forward and we tilt it down then car will move backward. This is same like when we play some car games in Mobile, they also use G sensor to move the car accordingly. Check the Video at the end, also check our other Robotics Projects here.

Required Components:

  • Two wheel robot car chassis
  • Arduino UNO
  • L298N Motor Controller
  • HC-06 Bluetooth module (HC-05 will work too)
  • Power supply or Cells
  • Connecting wires

 Mobile Phone Controlled Robot Car using G-Sensor and Arduino

Creating Interface for Robot using RemoteXY app:

For creating the interface to control the Robot Car using RemoteXY app, you will have to go to following link The webpage will look like this

Mobile Phone Controlled Robot Car using G-Sensor and Arduino

Then from the left side of screen, pick up the switch button and the joystick and place it in the mobile interface. The button will turn on the light at pin 13 which is connected internally in the Arduino and the joystick will move the robot car. The webpage after placing the switch and the joystick will look like this.

Then we will have to place the enable the G sensor enable/disable button along with the joystick, so that we can move the Robot Car by tilting the phone in left, right, up and down direction. Using that button we can enable and disable G sensor, when G sensor is disabled Car can be controlled by moving the Joystick. So to place the G sensor enable/disable button, click on the joystick you placed in the interface and on the left side there will be a properties section, there will be a option in the end for placing the G sensor button near the joystick, so place the G sensor button where ever you will like. The webpage after this will look like this.

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