Laird Connectivity Sentrius Mg100 Multi-wireless Iot Gateways With Ltem/nb-iot and Bluetooth 5

The creation of a sensor network can result in an overwhelming amount of work. From deciding on the perfect technologies to making your prototype and ensuring it is secure, it usually is a demanding task. But what if there was a way to simplify this process? There is, actually, the new Sentrius MG100 Gateway from Laird Connectivity promises to give you an important boost when it comes to developing your next IoT application!

Laird Connectivity Sentrius Mg100 Multi-wireless Iot Gateways With Ltem nb-iot and Bluetooth 5

The Sentrius MG100 from Laird Connectivity is a multi-wireless IoT gateway, designed with the Bluetooth 5 and LTE-M / NB-IoT technologies. Making use of the Pinnacle 100 Modem from the company, it captures data from Bluetooth 5 long-range sensors and sends it to the cloud via a low power cellular connection (LTE-M / NB-IoT). It comes with a starter kit so that you can quickly set up projects, including their innovative BT510 multi-sensor platform, with Bluegrass Cloud portal so that your end-to-end IoT solution can be work seamlessly out of the box.

Regarding its specifications, the Sentrius MG100 Gateway packs:

  • Bluetooth: BT 5.0 (single-mode, 4x range, 2x speed, LE advertising extensions), concurrent master, slave, BLE mesh capabilities, BT 4.2 (LE secure connections, data packet length extension, LE privacy) and BT 4.1 (LE dual-mode topology, LE ping)
  • Cellular: Multicellular band operation for world-wide compatibility, LTE M and NB-IoT support, power class 3
  • Nordic nRF52840 Cortex-M4F MCU
  • Memories: 256 KB RAM and 1 MB onboard Flash (with support for SD card)
  • NFC (13.56 MHz, 106 kbps data rate, NFC Type2 and Type4 tag emulation)
  • Built-in accelerometer
The sleek kit (1x MG100 Gateway + 3x BT510 multi-sensors)
The sleek kit (1x MG100 Gateway + 3x BT510 multi-sensors)

Besides the interesting set of features discussed before, the MG100 Gateway allows you to create an application tailored to your needs, as you can program the ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller with the simple, yet powerful Zephyr RTOS, enabling you to customize it to your liking. You can also take advantage of the sample application database for the MG100 to easily connect and send data to the AWS platform. Regarding power, you can power it with an USB external power supply and acquire optionally a rechargeable backup battery to be safe in case of a short-term power outage. There is some degree of customizability when it comes to the antenna, where you can use the low-cost internal LTE and BT antennas or opt for external ones, that may suit your working environment. Lastly, since security is important these days, their bootloader architecture creates secure devices that only run approved software.

When it comes to applications, there is a lot you can do with this kit: from cold chain monitoring to smart buildings, industrial IoT, and transportation, its value as a product is immense. Coming at a price of $256, you pay for the time boost it will give you. As a reminder, the kit comes with 1x Sentrius MG100 Gateway, 3x Sentrius BT510 multi-sensors, and 3x regional power supplies.


Source: Laird Connectivity Sentrius Mg100 Multi-wireless Iot Gateways With Ltem/nb-iot and Bluetooth 5

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