Introduction to Parts Distributor

Part sourcing is one of the most important and challenging activities associated with the development of any hardware project. So, selecting the right one is a critical step in the success of any product.

Introduction to Parts Distributor

From finding the exact components at the desired quantity, to buying the components at a price that suits sales margins, getting a reliable source for parts is the key to success of any product development process. As a matter of fact, it is so important that designs are usually not finalized until product teams have established the supply chain capable of reliably supplying all that is needed to manufacture it. To minimize the amount of time and energy product developers, hardware startups and large organizations waste on this, several part sourcing companies/platforms and websites exist with one of the standout ones being UTSOURCE. They was created to serve as a truly global one-stop-shop for electronics parts.

UTSOURCE is a professional B2B & B2C platform for electronics parts/components sourcing. They provide a one-stop service for customers by providing access to different types of components needed for the development of electronic products. Their offerings range from the sales of different Electronic parts (like ICs, Microcontrollers, Sensors) and ElectroMechanical components (like relays, switches, and converters), to several types of Passive (resistors, capacitors, crystals, etc), and D-level (open-source boards like Arduino and related tools) components to mention a few.

Their website is categorized into different sections to allow customers to easily search and access the components they need. To increase speed and reduce stress for customers looking for multiple items, the website allows users to search for multiple components at a time by entering them into multiple field search bar, or by uploading a BOM generated using popular PCB software like KiCad.

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Based on their understanding of the different needs of different customers, their offerings are tailored to serve the needs of those customers who just need to buy a few ICs, and those customers who need to buy the ICs in large volumes. They understand how the long term availability of components affects product cycle and as such, work with customers to ensure the parts being ordered will still be on the market at least for the next 3-5 years.

As part of their goal to serve as a one-stop-shop, through NextPCB, a leading PCB manufacturer located in China, UTSOURCE also offers affordable (with prices as low as $10 for 10 pieces) PCB customization and manufacturing services with a specialization in 2-16 Layers PCB prototype fabrication and small-volume production. This allows users to manufacture their PCBs and get the components needed for it from the same manufacturer, reducing the stress attached to managing multiple suppliers.

In addition, UTSOURCE runs a service called FBU (Fulfillment by UTSOURCE) which allows customers buy directly from thousands of suppliers on the UT Source platform with UTSOURCE providing the customer with pre-shipment inspection service to guarantee the quality of items, and a shipping insurance service that empowers customers with the ability to ask for return and refund with the freight is borne by UTSOURCE.

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