I.mx8m Mini Based Module Features Gryfalcon Neural Accelerator

The i.MX8M Mini SOM – Building Block with Embedded Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

i.MX8M Mini SOMs offer a compact System-on-Module platform with robust processing power and artificial intelligence acceleration using Gyrfalcon’s Lightspeeur® 2803S Neural Accelerator – designed for next generation Edge AI applications using the standard TensorFlow, Caffe and PyTorch model development frameworks.

SolidRun’s i.MX8M Mini SOMs harness NXP’s Arm Cortex A53 single/dual/quad core 1.8Ghz (with single Cortex M4 general purpose processor), i.MX8M Mini SoC built with advanced 14LPC FinFET process technology. This cutting-edge building block is tailor made for a wide range of IoT and industrial applications, featuring up to 4GB LPDDR4, 2 x USB 2.0, powerful network connectivity options including Bluetooth and optional WiFi, PCIe 2.0 and robust multimedia features including 20 audio channels (32bits), MIPI-DSI, and 1080p encoder and decoder.

Numbers referenced below are for Gyrfalcon 2803S chip.

  • High performance : 24 TOPs/Watt
  • Up to 16.8 TOPs @ 300MHz
  • Low Power: 16.8 TOPs @ 700mW
  • Support for: ResNet, MobilNet and ShiftNet
  • Supported standard AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch including pre-trained AI models

I.MX8M Mini Advantages

Processing Power

The i.MX8M Mini SOM based on NXP’s robust i.MX8M Mini Arm Cortex A53 processor offers a range of features tailor made for embedded Artificial Intelligence and IoT. With AI Acceleration and a range of connectivity features – SOM i.MX8M Mini is perfect for Edge AI, IoT and next generation artificial intelligence applications.

AI Acceleration

i.MX8M Mini SOM is ready to fuel the next generation of Artificial Intelligence applications – harnessing a powerful deep learning CNN AI acceleration microprocessor. The 9 x 9mm accelerator, based on Matrix Processing Engine architecture, offers multi-dimensional processing for extremely high speeds at very low power (24 TOPs/Watt).

Tiny & Scalable

At only 47 x 30mm i.MX8M Mini SOM is a complete powerhouse with a tiny footprint, making it the perfect building block for embedded applications of all sizes. With SolidRun’s design approach of mix-and-match, you can pick up the right SOM configuration for each development stage and offer a range of deployment options.

The i.MX 8M Mini SOM is “coming soon” starting at $56. More information may be found on SolidRun’s i.MX 8M Mini SOM product page.

Source: I.mx8m Mini Based Module Features Gryfalcon Neural Accelerator

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