High-voltage buck regulators stay cool in tiny packages

A family of pin-compatible synchronous step-down switching regulators with integrated power switches, the MIC28511/12/13 from Micrel, supplies up to 4 A of output current (MIC28513) and accepts a wide input supply range of 4.6 V to 70 V (MIC28512). The devices have an operating junction temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and come in very small 24-pin, 3×4-mm FCQFN packages.

The MIC28511/12/13 regulators are offered in both Hyper Speed Control and HyperLight Load architectures, which allow for high VIN (low VOUT) operation and fast transient response, while reducing the required output capacitance and providing good light-load efficiency. They furnish an adjustable output voltage as low as 0.8 V with guaranteed accuracy to within ±1%.

High-voltage buck regulators stay cool in tiny packages

A constant switching frequency can be programmed from 200 kHz to 680 kHz, enabling the use of a small inductor or operation at a higher efficiency using a lower switching frequency. Protection features for the MIC28511/12/13 regulators include undervoltage lockout, internal soft start, fold-back current limit, hiccup-mode short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown.

Prices for the MIC28511, MIC28512, and MIC28513 start at $1.49, $1.85, and $1.42, respectively, in lots of 1000 units.

MIC28511 product page
MIC28512 product page
MIC28513 product page

Micrel, www.micrel.com

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