Feature-rich Tabor Lsxxx1b 3/6/12ghz Advanced Touch-control Benchtop Rf Generators

These all-new benchtop Lucid Series of versatile RF sources can generate signals for a wide range of applications such as 5G, radar, communications and more.

Feature-rich Tabor Lsxxx1b 3_6_12ghz Advanced Touch-control Benchtop Rf Generators

Saelig Company Inc. has introduced the Tabor Lucid LSxxx1B Series Analog RF Signal Generators – benchtop, single-channel signal sources with 3, 6, and 12 GHz models available. Featuring high power, fast switching speed, superior signal integrity and purity, removable memory card for maximum security, all the necessary modulated signals for analog communication systems, the Lucid Series is designed to meet today’s most demanding requirements. 

This benchtop platform offers a 5” touch screen with user friendly GUI to quickly and easily generate required signals, while displaying all the needed critical information. For remote control, the series is equipped with Ethernet and USB interfaces, enabling remote programming from PC.

With an exceptionally low typical SSB phase noise of -145dBc at 100MHz, and -132dBc at 1GHz, at 10 kHz carrier offset, this Lucid series delivers one of the best quality signals available. Signal bursts and chirps are common in aerospace or defense applications. With Tabor’s Lucid Series, almost any signal modulation is possible, even if “narrow” or “standard” signals are required. The Lucid Series is also equipped with many CW interferers and modulated signals such as AM, FM, PM, Pulse, Pattern, and Sweep.

While the Lucid Series provides dedicated PC software GUI to control the instrument functions, modes and features, it also includes a complete set of drivers for applications in various environments, including LabVIEW, Python, CVI, C++, VB and MATLAB.  Low-level SCPI commands can also be used to program the instrument via Windows, Linux, or Macintosh operating systems.

  • 3,6 and 12GHz RF Analog Signal Generators
  • Extremely fast switching speed of <100us
  • Remotely programmable via MATLAB, Python, LabView, and other software programming environments
  • Easy to use benchtop platform with 5” touch screen and user friendly GUI
  • Small form factor and space efficient benchtop platform
  • AM, FM, PM, Sweep & Pulse Modulation
  • Removable SD card for instrument security
  • USB and LAN interfaces

The Lucid series can generate signals for a wide range of needs such as 5G, radar, communications applications, etc., all applications that demand outstanding dynamic range, fast switching, and pure RF signals, with easy remote programming for seamless system integration.  Designed and made in Israel by Tabor Electronics, a world-leading provider of high-end signal sources, Tabor Lucid LSxxx1B 3/6/12GHz Single Channel RF Signal Generators are available now from Saelig Company Inc. Fairport, NY.

source: Feature-rich Tabor Lsxxx1b 3/6/12ghz Advanced Touch-control Benchtop Rf Generators

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