Fairphone’s Sustainable and Repairable Mobile Phone Launches Out Soon

With the latest release from the Dutch social enterprise, the desire for a modular and sustainable smartphone that supports a kinder world can become a reality after all. Built with care for people and for the planet, Fairphone3 has got everything you’d expect from a great phone and even more.

Designed with replaceable parts made from sourced and recyclable materials, the ethical, reliable and sustainable Fairphone 3, features seven module parts in it – the back cover, display, top module (the cameras and sensors), speaker module, battery, bottom module (the USB type- C/microphone) and  the camera module (primary camera), which are all easy to repair and replace. The conflict-free recyclable materials from which it was made is easy to repair and reduces its CO2 emissions thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

“From the earth to your pocket, a smartphone’s journey is filled with unfair practices. We believe a fairer electronics industry is possible. By making the change from the inside, we’re giving a voice to people who care. This is the phone for all of us who date to care about what kind of a world we’re creating with our purchase decisions. For all of us who want a great phone that is kinder to people and to the earth. For all of us who believe that care for workers and our planet ought to be a natural part of doing business.”

Asides having an internal storage capacity of 64Gb and an extra storage micro SD card slot of 200Gb, the smartphone also has a 12MP rear camera (f/1.8, Dual Pixel PDAF), an 8MP from the camera (f/2.0) and a 5.65-inch HD touchscreen display (21260 X 1080/427ppi).

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