Ezpyro Smd Dual Pyroelectric Sensor Delivers Efficiency

Pyreos has confirmed that its ezPyro SMD Dual is shipping in prototype form for a new wider range of substances, and benefits from all software and hardware components of the established Pyreos development ecosystem.

Ezpyro Smd Dual Pyroelectric Sensor Delivers Efficiency

Part of the world’s smallest and fastest family of pyroelectric sensors, the ezPyro SMD Dual collocates two thin-film PZT pyroelectric elements separated by just 1.6 mm Inter-Pixel Distance (IPD). The small IPD means that two channels can be measured by illuminating an area just 2.8mm across, making for an optically simple and energy-efficient design.

As well as being physically smaller, ezPyro reduces costs in several ways; the digital readout reduces system component count/cost and the integration of two channels further reduces cost and space. The lower Inter-Pixel Distance and reduced component count enables a physically smaller design which further saves solution cost and energy demand.

ezPyro SMD Dual now has a widened range of gas detection options. The dual-channel sensor solution can detect carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and hydrocarbons, refrigerants, nitrogen oxides (NOx), and sulphur oxides (SOx). Besides more expansive gas sensing it is ideal for analysis of foods including fats, sugars, proteins, alcohol and acidity.

ezPyro SMD Dual now has a widened range of gas detection options.

The ezPyro SMD Dual combines high sensitivity with benefits such as low power consumption, built-in power management, a digital interface with plug-and-play connectivity to microcontrollers, and the cost-effectiveness of SMD design. Compatible with the complete ezPyro evaluation and development ecosystem, ezPyro SMD Dual shares the integrated read-out circuitry and an I2C digital communications bus. This integrated system ensures that it is very quick and easy for customers to develop into their product designs.

The fast development cycle of the ezPyro sensor family is supported by evaluation kits for flame, gas, motion and gesture detection. Other applications can be trialled using the ezPyro SMD prototyping system which supports up to four sensor breakout boards. Sensor evaluation without any software development effort is enabled by Pyreos PC software.

ezPyro is suitable for low power applications with a current consumption below 50µA when fully activated and less than 1µA in the lowest power mode.

“By extending our industry-leading dual-channel ezPyro SMD pyroelectric sensor, we deliver greater flexibility and choice to our customers,” said Andrew Wallace, CEO at Pyreos. “Compared to alternative pyroelectric and thermopile sensors, the ezPyro range offers higher sensitivity, faster response and switch-on, lower power consumption, more on-the-fly configurability, lower component counts and easier integration. Our unique technology allows inter-pixel gaps of around ten microns and this product is one more step towards even smaller detectors.”

Source: Ezpyro Smd Dual Pyroelectric Sensor Delivers Efficiency

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