DIY LED VU Meter as Arduino Shield

VU Meter or Volume Meter is very popular and fun project in Electronics. We can consider the Volume Meter as an Equalizer, which is present in the Music systems. In which we can see the dancing of LEDs according to the music, if music is loud then equalizer go to its peak and more LEDs will glow, and if music is low then lesser number of LEDs shall glow. Volume Meter (VU) is an indicator or representation of the intensity of sound level over LEDs and can also serve as a volume measurement device.

DIY LED VU Meter as Arduino Shield

Previously we built the VU Meter without using Microcontroller and audio input was taken from Condenser Mic. This time we are building VU Meter using Arduino and taking the audio input from 3.5 mm jack, so that you easily provide audio input from your Mobile or Laptop using AUX cable or 3.5 mm audio jack. You can easily build it on Breadboard but here we are designing it on PCB as a Arduino Shield using EasyEDA online PCB simulator and designer.

Components Required:

  • Arduino UNO
  • VU Meter Arduino Shield (Self Designed)
  • Power Supply

Components for VU Meter Arduino shield:

  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • SMD type Resistors 100 ohm (10)
  • LEDs
  • Burg strips

Designing Volume Meter (VU) Shield for Arduino:

For designing VU Meter Shield for Arduino, we have used EasyEDA, in which first we have designed a Schematic and then converted that into the PCB layout by Auto Routing feature of EasyEDA.

EasyEDA is a free online tool and one stop solution for developing your electronics projects with ease. You can draw circuits, simulate them and get their PCB layout in just one click. It also offers Customized PCB service, where you can order the designed PCB in very low cost. Check here the complete tutorial on How to use Easy EDA for making Schematics, PCB layouts, simulating the Circuits etc.

EasyEDA has recently launched its new version (3.10.x), in which they have introduced many new features and improved the overall user experience, which makes EasyEDA more easier and usable for designing circuits. New version includes: improved MAC experience, improved components search dialog, update PCB layout in one click, add design notes in a frame below schematic and many more, you can find all the new features of EasyEDA version 3.10 here. Further they are soon going to launch its Desktop version, which can be downloaded and installed on your computer for offline use.

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