Call and Message using Arduino and GSM Module

Sometimes people find it difficult to use the GSM Module for its basic functions like calling, texting etc., specifically with the Microcontrollers. So here we are going to build a Simple Mobile Phone using Arduino, in which GSM Module is used to Make the Call, answer the Call, send SMS, and read SMS, and also this Arduino phone has Mic and Speaker to talk over this Phone. This project will also serve as a proper interfacing of GSM Module with Arduino, with all the Code needed to operate any Phone’s basic functions.


Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno
  • GSM Module SIM900
  • 16×2 LCD
  • 4×4 Keypad
  • Breadboard or PCB
  • Connecting jumper wire
  • Power supply
  • Speaker
  • MIC
  • SIM Card

Working Explanation:

In this Arduino Mobile Phone Project, we have used Arduino Uno to control whole system’s features and interfacing all the components in this system. A 4×4 Alphanumeric Keypad is used for taking all kind of inputs like: Enter mobile number, type messages, make a call, receive a call, send SMS, read SMS etc. GSM Module is used to communicate with the network for calling and messaging purpose. We have also interfaced a MIC and a Speaker for Voice Call and Ring sound and a 16×2 LCD is used for showing messages, instructions and alerts.


Alphanumeric is a method to enter numbers and alphabets both by using same keypad. In this method, we have interfaced 4×4 keypad with Arduino and written Code for accepting alphabets too, check the Code in Code section below.

Call and Message using Arduino and GSM Module

Working of this project is easy. All the features will be performed by Using Alphanumeric Keypad. Check the Full code and a Demo Video below to properly understand the process. Here we are going to explain all the four features of the projects below.

Explaining Four Features of Arduino Mobile Phone:

1. Make a Call:

To make a call by using our Arduino based Phone, we have to press ‘C’ and then need to enter the Mobile Number on which we want to make a call. Number will be entered by using alphanumeric keypad. After entering the number we again need to press ‘C’. Now Arduino will process for connecting the call to the entered number by using AT command:

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