Brainboard v2: Demon of CNC controllers

Aakar Brainboard v2 is a modular CNC controller board based on LPC1768/69 Cortex-M3 chip. Due to its modular design it allows easier upgrades as per requirements and easy replacement if there is any broken part. It runs on open source Smoothie modular firmware and is targeted at 3D Printers, Laser cutters, CNC Mills, Pick and Place and other small or Mid-size CNC machines. Upgrade your machines for higher performance and features.

Demon of CNC controllers

Aakar Brainboard v2 is controlled by standard G codes and is compatible with most host software.

Wide range of connectivity options allow you to communicate with your machine using different protocols.

This video will explain all the features of Brainboardv2.

or more detailed feature list- go to our product website.

That’s not all…

We have designed an industrial grade casing for Aakar Brainboard v2. It provides optimal cooling to the Power electronics like MOSFETs, Stepper drivers and mechanical support to electronics in a sleek and beautiful design. Below image will tell you more about the features  How much time do we need? We have gone through multiple iterations in our hardware design and after about four months of testing and improvements in hardware and firmware, we are now ready to introduce Aakar Brainboard v2 to the world.

We have tied-up with leading fabrication houses and component suppliers in India for:

  • Bulk supply of components at lower rates
  • PCB manufacturing and component assembly
  • Sheet metal fabrication for enclosures.

During our campaign period, we will be working on bringing shipping costs as low as possible, about which you will be updated. And if shipping goes down you will be rewarded with extra surprise goodies along with your perks. Components and raw materials procurement will begin as soon as we reach our campaign goal.Final production will begin one week after the Campaign period is over. Rewards will be shipped in two batches. Early rewards shipping will start from 16th May and final rewards shipping will start from 2nd June and will extend up to one week.

What will you get?

Risk and Challenges

The biggest risk for this project is- Not being funded… We are a very small team with a big idea. We need your vote of confidence and financial backing to bring this idea to life. So please back us generously.

If the campaign is a success, then manufacturing is the next big challenge. We will be using in-house manufacturing here available in India and we have set-up a process with them that works very well. We ask for your patience as we take a little longer to go through the testing steps to deliver you a 100% tested product. Then, there is delay- caused due to components availability. For this we have tied up with local suppliers in Bengaluru.

We have fixed all the mistakes discovered in testing and tweaked the design through multiple revisions of the board. Our current version of the board is finally ready for the manufacturing stage.

If the campaign raises funds above its target we will be able expand the team further,  for on time delivery and make sure a 100% tested product is delivered to you.

If you like our project but you can’t contribute, please consider sharing it using the share buttons under the video with your friends and family. This will help us a lot to spread the word!

Thank you, cheers!


Will Brainboard v2 become available again if the campaign does not succeed?

In small quantities it is not possible to reach this price, in terms of manufacturing and shipping. But you can still purchase Brainboard v2 at retail price and higher shipping charges.

Why are we doing a Flexible funding Campaign?

Because of the financial restrictions imposed by the Government of India we cannot go for fixed funding.

What will I get?

Back us by choosing a perk. You will receive Brainboard v2 at a cheaper price and if our campaign exceeds our goal you will be eligible for all the Stretch Goal benefits. Also your name will be featured on our website.

Who pays customs fee on international orders?

Customs fee (import duties/taxes) are the backer’s responsibility and are not included in the perks. These are imposed by the receiving country, so they will be different for each country. In most countries there will not be any duties for single boards.  Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be. In most cases there will be no duties for single boards.

Can I get more than one board?

Sure! If you want more than one board, just multiply the perk amount by required number and add additional $10 per additional perk for shipping.

What if I forgot to add shipping?

Simply select $25 perk to add international shipping. Shipping within India is $7.

What is the need of enclosure?

Brainboard v2 has a compatible industrial grade laser cut aluminum enclosure. It is not mandatory to use it if you are using your own cooling setup. Proper ventilation allows power electronics to operate at full capacity and also reduces their chances of failure. The enclosure also provides a compact and rugged solution for electronics.

Can I use the CPU module as a standalone development board?

CPU module is designed in a manner that it allows the module to operate as a great standalone development board. It is compatible with popular mbed online compiler. It has 4 status LEDs, Ethernet Interface, USB device, RTC, ISP, reset, Micro SD card, standard JTAG header and all pins broken out to male headers.

What all host software are supported?

Brainboard v2 communicates with Host software using standard G-codes. Wide range of connectivity options allow Brainboard v2 to communicate via standard USB or telnet. And we have tested it with most common host software.

What kind of display does GLCD control panel have?
GLCD control panel has 128×64 resolution serial LCD which communicates with Brainboard v2 over SPI interface. Standard version of panel comes with a green backlight. Blue and white backlight versions are also available.

Is the firmware updatable?
You can update main firmware (Smoothieware) using one of the available methods-via Ethernet, via USB, via SD Card or via serial boot loader.

To update bootloader only option available is via serial bootloader for that you need to connect FTDI cable to serial expansion port.

You can download pre compiled binaries from our website.

What all SD cards are compatible?

Any Micro SD or Standard SD cards with capacities up to 32GB are compatible.

Where can I find source files?

Brainboard v2 runs on a customized version Smoothieware and SD bootloader. You can find link to all the software and hardware design files on our website.

Original Smoothie firmware can be downloaded from Smoothieware website.

Why so many jumpers on the bottom side?

These jumpers allow Brainboard v2 to operate in different configurations and with different voltages. No need to worry about configuring all those jumpers! for most of the generic machines Brainboard v2 comes preconfigured and we have provided excellent documentation to get you started.

For more information about Brainboard v2 visit our official page or leave a comment in comment section and we will get back to you.

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