Arduino Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

Basically, an overkill soap dispenser made from CNC linear rail

Arduino Soap Sanitizer Dispenser


watch the video first

So the goal here was to build a Soap/Sanitiser without using the “servo motor method” 

this is actually pretty straightforward built,

first, you need to print these parts and gather all the electronics components that we need.

download parts stl files from here-

Parts that you need to 3D print for CNC rail 

1. END x1

2. Motor End x1

For rest of the built

3. Upper x1

4. LOWER x1

5. Lid x1

6. backbone bracket x1

7. Front support x1

8. back support x1

9. base x1 (or just use any plywood as the base)

For the CNC rail built instruction, watch this video

(I’ve just changed the carriage of the linear rail with a different one which has two holes on it for attaching the lever )

also, you might need to make a custom soap bottle holder as these bottles are not really universal.


Schematic: Arduino Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

Source: Arduino Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

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