Arduino MKR Cap Rail Mount

The new Arduino MKR series sets up a standard about form factor, function and performance for Arduino boards in the future. These new boards comes in a compact shape, with a powerful 32 bit Cortex M0 micocontroller Atmel SAM D21 and a charger function for LiPo accumulators. Furthermore Arduino offers in this series different types of MKR modules for different IoT wireless technologies. Besides the base model Arduino MKR Zero some further types with WiFi, WAN or GSM support are available.

I want to show you in this instructable – how to mount any board of the Arduino MKR series in a cabinet. This can be very useful for many professional applications like door access systems, smarthomes etc.

Step 1: Tools & Materials



  • soldering iron with small tipside
  • cutting pliers
  • needle nose pliers
  • medium cross slot screw driver

Step 2: Prepare the Terminal Blocks

Find the terminal blocks, they’re grey or blue and come in 2-pin and 3-pin shapes. We’ll need to slide two 3-pin blocks together.

Step 3: Place and Solder Terminal Blocks

We’ve to put the blocks into the proto plate. Make sure you place them so that the openends are facing out

Step 4: Place and Solder the Diode

bend the pins of the diode D2. Place the diode onto the pcb and solder the pins.

Step 5: Prepare the Female Headers

Sometimes it is hard to find header with 14 pins. You can use longer female headers a cut them to 14 pins….

Step 6: Prepare the Arduino MKR Board

Plug both female headers onto the male headers of the Arduino MKR board

Step 7: Place and Solder the Arduino MKR Board

Step 8: Remove the Arduino MKR Board

Step 9: Solder the Jumper J1

beside the blue terminal block is a soldering jumper. You have to solder a bridge on this jumper if you want to connect later a external 5V power supply

For More Details: Arduino MKR Cap Rail Mount

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