Aetina Launch New Nvidia Jetson-based Platform An810-xnx

Support High Speed Networking Capability Function & Certified Azure IoT

Aetina Launch New Nvidia Jetson-based Platform An810-xnx

Aetina Corporation, the provider of high-performance GPGPU and edge AI computing solutions, announced the new AN810-XNX edge AI computer leveraging powerful capabilities of the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX. This edge AI computer provided various alternatives of I/O slot, nicely expand its range of edge AI systems built on the Jetson platform for robotics, drone, UAV, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and deep learning.

The AN810-XNX combines the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and Aetina brand new AN810 carrier board in a Nano-ITX form factor of 120x120x47.3 mm (with fan). It supports full M.2 slot with M-key, E-key, and B-key and the interface with PCIe/SATA/USB 3.2 Gen2/USB 2.0. AN810-XNX features prospective communication capabilities. Since 5G technology has become a sensation in IoT applications, AN810-XNX integrated with the 4G/5G module beforehand for high-speed wireless connection and data transferring.

Meanwhile, AN810-XNX equipped an onboard SIM slot, building seamless global connectivity for edge devices. For better management of numerous edge devices, AN810-XNX supports the Innodisk InnoAGE™ out-of-band management SSD solution through M.2. With this solution, it reduces the massive cost of manually repairing the edge device and primarily minimizes the equipment’s downtime, making the remote-control of the edge device more convenient.

The AN810-XNX combines the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and Aetina brand new AN810 carrier board

With the widespread use of vision AI application, AN810-XNX supports the single 120-pin connector for MIPI CSI-2 interface. It can handle intensive AI workloads ultra-high-resolution cameras to more accurate image analysis. For backup support, Aetina offers BSP and DTB configuration updates for both standard and customized platforms in their service policy.

Aetina focuses on delivering edge AI computing solutions based on the Jetson platform for embedded applications. NVIDIA Jetson benefits the users by supporting cloud-native technologies across AI solutions and various SDK. Moreover, Aetina AN810-XNX got Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT), ensuring the IoT solutions could fasten development and work with Microsoft Azure IoT services.

“AIoT environment is diverse and complex. Throughout the edge AI systems, GPU-based platform has the most flexibility and Azure cloud services enhance the overall performance. Benefits the customer with shorter development period.” said Joe Lo, general manager of Aetina.

AN810-XNX, high compatibility platform with well-backup service from edge to cloud, could deploy high-quality, software-defined features on embedded and edge devices targeting robotics, drone, UAV, industrial IoT, healthcare, deep learning, etc.

The AN810-XNX is available now. For more information, please directly contact at [email protected] or visit the website at

Source: Aetina Launch New Nvidia Jetson-based Platform An810-xnx

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