A Lorawan Theft Recovery System for Stolen Bikes Using a Low-cost Dragino Lgt-92

Simon Kemper has published a guide for making use of the low-cost Dragino LGT-92 LoRaWAN asset tracking system to help track a bike when it’s stolen for easy recovery, while running for years on a single battery. Dragino LGT-92 is built for asset tracking across a LoRaWAN connection (a long-range low-power radio standard). The Dragino LGT-92 integrates a LoRaWAN radio with GPS-based location tracking. For the device to keep the power usage down, it utilizes an accelerometer to wake from sleep . This means that location fixes and updates are limited to when the device has detected movement.

A Lorawan Theft Recovery System for Stolen Bikes Using a Low-cost Dragino Lgt-92

Kemper states:

The LGT-92 is available in two versions. One of these versions offers the complete product, but without a case.” He continues “This variant can be used to build your own products based on the LGT-92. Further individualization are available: Connection of external antennas for LoRaWAN and GPS; terminal strip for connection of battery pack. Use the screw terminal to connect high-capacity batteries, for example D-Cells from Saft Batteries. These come with capacities of over 15.000mAh (15 Ah!) and are theoretically capable of operating the LGT-92 for several years.

With board and battery available, all that is needed is to connect it with the item to be tracked. Kemper further explains:

I have equipped my bike with an LGT-92. When I park the bike, the LGT-92 goes to sleep. If someone tries to grab my bike, the sensor wakes up and tells the platform to send an alarm immediately… Periodic reporting about once per hour indicates that the device is still within range of a LoRaWAN network and working properly. Again, you can react to these messages by setting a rule to indicate the absence of these hourly messages.

datacake.de Interface
datacake.de Interface

The back-end connectivity is enabled by the Datacake IoT cloud platform, set up by Kemper to display the last-known position, to track battery charge and any detected motion, to send SMS alerts, and link to a smartphone app for on-the-go tracking. The LoRaWAN connectivity is as a result of The Things Network.

Kemper concludes the guide by saying:

“I can absolutely recommend the LGT-92! So far I have not found a better LoRaWAN Asset Tracker. I am also thrilled that with the naked PCB I get a kit which I can use as a basis for my own products… “As with all Dragino products, the quality of the firmware is excellent. A lot of thoughts have been put into the application and into how to achieve long battery life. And I must admit that they did a good job.”

Source: A Lorawan Theft Recovery System for Stolen Bikes Using a Low-cost Dragino Lgt-92

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