5g Nb-iot Low-power Cellular Developer Starter Kit

Thales and Qoitech have combined their products into starter kits that offer easy setup for evaluation and prototyping of narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity and its energy consumption.

5g Nb-iot Low-power Cellular Developer Starter Kit

Thales’ DEVKIT ENS22-E NB-IOT is an easy-to-configure starter kit with an NB-IoT module that supports major operators in Europe and APAC regions where NB-IoT technology has already been well-deployed. This powerful development board allows users to quickly test prototypes in a laboratory environment, providing cellular connectivity as well as various control functions over standard AT command interfaces. External peripherals like sensors, actuators, or additional interfaces to external applications are easily connected to all accessible module lines via pin headers. Thales’ DevKit ENS22 is configured to work with the Otii Arc, using a dedicated cable that is included in the package. Check out the configuration details on the related “Low Power Modes of Cellular LPWA” video.

Qoitech’s OTII-ARC-001 is a multitool, power analyzer, power supply, and log sync, all in one package. Designed for everyday use on any developer’s desktop, Otii is compact, portable, and quiet, yet comprehensive in the technical features needed for the energy optimization of battery-driven devices. One of the most prominent features of Otii Arc is its ability to display current and voltage measurements in real-time, enabling analysis of an energy profile synced to device UART logs. Otii Arc can be upgraded with Otii Toolboxes; software add-ons that elevate the instrument into specialized tools such as a battery profiler and simulator or automation tool. Otii Arc can be used in the development, test and verification, quality assurance and maintenance (for example as part of continuous integration set-up), and technical sales.


  • UART via USB VCP
  • Direct module signal access with complete interruption for deep level investigation
  • Real module current consumption measurement; no additional leakage current
  • Powered via USB or external devices
  • Adjustable module supply level 3.1 V to 4.2 V
  • Further supported interfaces: I²C, ASC1/SPI, and GPIO
  • Clear and easy concept for usage and signaling
  • QR code scanning leads users to all the information necessary for usage

OTII-ARC-001 Power Analyzer Features

  • Quick install, plug-and-play setup; start measuring in less than a minute (app for Ubuntu, Windows, and macOS)
  • Continuous system-level current and voltage measurements
  • Current auto-range of 0.5 µA to 5 A with a sample rate of up to 4 ksps
  • Subsystem current and voltage measurements via ADC in the expansion port
  • Power supply with an output voltage range of 0.5 V to 3.75 V when USB-powered; up to 5 V when powered with optional DC adapter
  • Measurements are continuously synchronized with UART debug logs from the device under test
  • Real-time analysis; scroll, zoom, and select parts of the current consumption and debug logs while measuring
  • Record and compare multiple recordings

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